Thursday, July 31, 2008


So in my quest to never finish anything, I started two new projects last night. One is a child's hat that I'm sort of designing myself, my first "design" (but seriously, its a hat, and nothing crazy). The OTHER one is a shawl to wear to my friend's wedding in September. I figured since I got the invitation, it would be a good time to start it! I only bought the yarn a month ago... I got it at Yarns in the Farms in Beverly, Mass. I love that store!!! Its very small, but very cute, and has tons of yarn, but not in the overwhelming way that a lot of other packed stores do. Anyhow... this mohair was on sale and had been dying to try something with mohair, so I grabbed it. As pretty as it is, now that I look at it, it kind of looks like a dead squirrel

Erm thinks it looks like potatoes.

So when I bought this yarn I had in my head exactly what I wanted to knit with it, I just couldn't find a pattern. Then came newly addicted knitter Mom who is determined to buy out every LYS and bookstore of all their knitting magazines. I was pawing through them aimlessly a couple of weeks ago and voila! I found a pattern for a lace shawl with mohair that is exactly what I wanted! It has a specific name, but of course, I can't remember the name of it. And, I can't find a picture of it anywhere. But, I have a picture of the beginning of mine, that looks nothing like what it will look like when its done. However, if we learned anything from the Helen Incident of 2008, its to not get discouraged too soon! So, after two repeats of the lace, this is what I have:

It doesn't look like a shawl... or potatoes, or a dead squirrel, even. But, I am determined to finish it! Even if I don't wear it to the wedding, I haven't made something for myself in forever... so it will be nice to have this. Maybe when it looks like a shawl I will print more pics...

Speaking of not making anything for myself, I have bought yarn to make things for myself, as well as others. Bringing me to something that I have decided to do, although I hate even saying the words... I am putting myself on a yarn diet. Ack! Seriously, I need it. No more yarn. I have tons, and I only need 2 skeins for a gift, but other than that, I think I have everything I need for myself and others until at least after my wedding. FYI that is just shy of 6 months away. Can I go 6 months without buying yarn? I hope so! This is what I'm working on:

1. Gift #1

2. Gift # 2 (I can't say what the gifts are, for the same reason that I don't badmouth people, you never know who is reading your blog).

3. Red Sock #2

4. Erm's Sock #2

5. My poor, neglected Rusted Root

6. My Sock Yarn Blankie, which needs a new name and definitely won't be done until after my first wedding anniversary. Big big ongoing project.

7. My mohair shawl

8. I was in the middle of a pair of socks for my Nana in May... but I took them off the needles... should do those, too...

I also have various projects to work on in between all of these, I would like to sell some stuff at a craft fair or two in the fall.

Putting that all in writing makes me realize that there is no need to buy new yarn! I have plenty to keep me busy until at least January! I am completely OK with the yarn diet. But, if anyone is looking for a birthday present for me... I'm sure you can guess what I'd like.

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