Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Out with the old, in with the new

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! On Friday we went to my parents' house for some burgers, dogs, drinks, etc. I do have to say that the carrot cake I made came out awesome. One of the things I like to do as much as knit is bake, and I must admit, I'm pretty good at it! I would have taken a picture of the cake, but it was very plain. Nothing exciting visually. Saturday we relaxed, went and bought MORE plants at the nursery, since we are turning into crazy plant people, then had MOH and her fiance over for dinner. Something that Erm likes to do as much as I like to knit is grill and smoke things, and he made ribs on Saturday that were maybe the best ribs I've ever had. They were so good that he's making them again this weekend! I can't tell you his secret, BUT I can tell you that part of the process is "mopping" them with my homemade barbeque sacue. Mmmm delicious.

Sunday I finally did what all us New England woman dread, but have to do twice a year... I put away all my winter clothes and took out all my summer clothes! This is something I've been dying to do for awhile, but it either wasn't quite warm enough or I didn't have the time. See, normal people can start wearing their spring/summer clothes around Memorial Day, even earlier. And then they can put them away around mid-September. Not us... to be safe, you should wait til 4th of July to take out all the summer stuff, and Halloween is a good time to take out all your winter clothes. So this was the weekend! I love this project, because I forget about half my clothes! Its like I went shopping, for free!

I was apparently on a roll after that because I went for a run. Not a big one, but still, I surprised myself that I was able to squeeze that in. Running is another thing I enjoy, up there with baking and knitting. I am preparing for my church's Summer Festival race on the 26th. There's a race and a Fun Walk. Now, I thought both were 5K, which is 3.1 miles, so I've been preparing myself for that mentally. Imagine my "amusement" when I looked today and saw that the Fun Walk is 5K, but the race is 5 miles! I can do it, but totally wasn't prepared for that! Time to step up my training! After that, a relaxing day in Gloucester with Erm's parents, went home, watched a movie and went to bed! I was recharged!

Another thing I did over the weekend was wind up a ball of sock yarn that I've been looking to get rid of into little mini-balls. Why, you ask? I'm in a swap for OTHER mini-balls to go into my Sock Yarn Blanket! I'm so excited! I got to get rid of yarn I'm never going to use, and get 11 new balls of yarn to go right into my Blankie. What's better than that? I do have to say... I hope my mini-balls find a good home in whatever blanket they end up in. I said goodbye to them today at the post office... here is a parting shot of them on my coffee table....

So after purging myself of some yarn, it was only fitting that I buy some more! My LYS has a great clearance table, (don't miss the clearance sale next week!) and last week at knitting night I spotted some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino on sale for 50% OFF!! There was a bunch in a great orange-red color that I couldn't resist, I have recently fallen in love with the color orange. It took me awhile, but I finally figured out what I'm going to make with it, so yesterday I went and bought... 8 balls. I know, that's a bunch, but I need 2 for the Newsboy Cap and potentially 4 for the scarf, so I didn't overbuy, as many people do. Plus, I got rid of 12 balls, and only bought 8, so I still got rid of more than I bought? I keep telling myself that... Below are pics of my new treasure...

So exciting! That's it for now! Have a great day everyone!


Kelly said...

Scotty LOVES carrot cake and ribs...maybe I will send him over for dinner some night!! ;)

Lisa said...

Hey Michelle:

Couldn't for the life of me figure out another way to contact you. :) Welcome to blogland, indeed. I just saw the message on ravely (I never look there!) and replied, but figured I would try to reach you here as well. I am definitely interested in a local group, even if it's just you and me over beers at the pasta loft. :) Let me know if you are still thinking of doing that.