Friday, May 30, 2008

Weekend? Already?

I can NOT believe this weekend is already here! I really can't. Between the Celtics, and my knitting, and baking, and... oh yeah, work, and laundry and everything else, the week just flew by. I've got a great weekend coming up and I couldn't be happier.

Actually, I would be happier if I were finished at least ONE of my knitting projects I'm working on. I am literally working on 4 things right now, with about 4 on deck to get started. I can't talk about two of them, because they are gifts. One is a hat for my dad for Father's Day (I know my dad isn't going to read my blog...). Dad specifically asked for a hat with earflaps last winter after I gave him a flap-less hat, so his wish is my command! Flaps, cables, extra length... all in a very manly brownish greenish Ultra Alpaca. I'll post a pic when I take one.

The last thing I'm working on has sadly been put on the back burner... my Rusted Root. I REALLY want to get it done so I can wear it for the summer, but its so hard with all the other time sensitive stuff I'm making! Since I feel like its been neglected, I am going to post a picture of it here, so it can get some attention:

Isn't it so cute! Can't you just picture it being done and on ME!!?? That's it, I have a new mission. To be done my Rusted Root by... July 4. Preferably earlier, but we'll see how that goes.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hello? Is it me you're looking for?


Wahooooooo!!!! David Cook is our new American Idol. Sounds nice. I have to say, David Enchilada did a great job Tuesday night, but I love David Cook. I'm so excited for him! And now I want an enchilada...

I thought the whole show was great. But, I have a question... was George Michael trying to send a message to Carrie Underwood? He did his song "Praying for Time" (which is a fantastic song). Now, I didn't see Idol Gives Back, but I was informed that Carrie did that song, and did a great job with it. Last night I kept waiting for George to say "Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Carrie Underwood!" and they would do a great duet and everyone would be happy. But he didn't. I know he's going on tour, but I thought that song choice was interesting, no? Thoughts? By the way, I love George Michael and I'm not trying to attack him in any way.

Also, did Simon let it out of the bag that the judges know who wins before its announced? Not like him to apologize like that. Also not like him to say that he doesn't care who wins... I think he knew and he didn't want to look like a jack*ss for his comments for the night before.

And those are my thoughts! I thought the highlights (along with Cook winning, of course) were Seal, Bryan Adams, and Carly and Michael Johns' duet. AND the Gladys Knight video with Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. Hilarious! I do love me some Ben Stiller!

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Running to ... live? Eat? Stay sane?

So I haven't mentioned yet that I am a runner. It took awhile before I called myself a runner, as opposed to someone who runs, and yes I think there is a difference. I feel like I turned the corner after my first (and so far only...) 10K on Columbus Day. By the way, if you are a runner you should definitely run the Tufts Women's 10K in Boston, its always on Columbus Day. Its HUGE and totally got me into running more than 3 miles at a time! All women, very fun and as intense or relaxed as you want it to be. But I digress...

I love running, but its that love/hate relationship that the guy on that commercial talks about. You know, when he says "you have a love/hate relationship with running. Running gets you out of a warm bed in the morning... etc". But I do love it. However, I was a little disturbed when I recently answered an online survey about why I run. The options were a. to clear my mind b. to eat c. for my health d. (i can't remember the other ones). I clicked B - to eat, although its really for all three of those reasons. Well, I felt like a complete NON-runner when the results came up and only around 12% of people had clicked on that answer. Seriously? So am I running for the wrong reason? Or are all those other people not being completely honest with themselves? So, I thought about it, and its really all three...

a. To clear my mind: If you run, bike, swim, or do any kind of exercise, you know what I mean. After a crazy day I'll come home and look at my wonderful fiance and say "can't talk, I'm going for a run". I don't think he gets it, but he knows to just let me go. And when I come back and those endorphins are kicking, I am like a whole different, happier, person. I haven't had to run for this reason for a little while, but I do sometimes.

b. To eat: I have to be honest. I am getting married in January. I am in a wedding in October. That equals one wedding gown, one bridesmaid dress, two bachelorette parties, and one swimsuit season. And its summer, which means lots of barbeque and beer and sangria. And the Celtics are in the playoffs which means "game food" and beer. I like to eat and I like to run, nothing wrong with that, they go together nicely and balance each other out :) Its actually healthy.

c. For my health: This is probably the most important reason, and its starting to take over option B. My dad had a major heart attack in March, and thank God, he is back to healthy now. But since I was an overbearing daughter and went to all his cardiac rehab, followup appointments, etc that I could, I paid attention and noticed that along with NOT smoking, regular exercise is the best thing you can do for your heart. My dad is actually in pretty good shape to begin with, and I obviously knew that exercise is good for your heart, but hearing it from so many sources and seeing some of the people that were in rehab with my dad and how out of shape they were really sent the signal that what I do now will affect me in the future. So everyone please, watch what you eat and exercise regularly, even if its not running ;) Anything can happen at any time, and you want your body to be prepared to fight for you.

Its a beautiful day and we have a long weekend coming, get outside and go for a walk!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Monday!

Wow, I just realized how creative I am not being with my blog post titles. Gotta work on that.

But anyway, it IS a Happy Monday!!! For one, the sun is shining and although its cooler than average for this time of year, at least its not raining. Or snowing. You may think its ridiculous that I bring up snow in May, which means you don't live in New England.

Another reason its a Happy Monday is that the Celtics won yesterday!!! Going to the East Finals! I am SO excited. My wonderful fiance is frightened, because I pretty much turn into the Incredible Hulk during Celtics games. No joke, I turn green.

BUT, can we talk about the announcers and their incessant *ss kissing of LeBron James? Seriously, there is no need to say that the man a) is a wonderful physical specimen b) has no regard for human life or c) looks invincible. Honestly. No doubt, he's really REALLY good... but that just makes you look like fools, you commentator men. I said the same thing to my uncle who called him "a muscle show". Direct quote.
Also... I have decided that if they want to have another Zoolander movie, Wally Szczerbiak should play Zoolander's brother, or cousin or something. And yes I know, I'm not the first person to think that. But look:

I still find him really really ridiculously good looking, though!

Friday, May 16, 2008

TGIF already?

Did this week fly for anyone else? I can't believe its Friday!! What's everyone excited about?

I, for one, am super excited about the Boston Celtics playing tonight. Have I mentioned that I LOVE the Celtics? DF calls me "Superfan" for all the yelling at the TV, mostly when I'm frustrated, sometimes when I'm happy. Its weird, because years went by that I really wasn't into the Celtics. I think its the energy of the Garden... we went to a couple of games last year and I was hooked. See... it wasn't even a bandwagon thing :)

Another thing I am excited about is working on some of my knitting. I actually can't talk about most of my knitting right now, since I make a lot of things for other people and you never know who's going to find your blog... I am working on one thing for myself, a short sleeved sweater called Rusted Root, a Zephyr Style pattern. If you haven't heard of these patterns, you should check them out...

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Welcome... to you and me

Hi there!

I figured I'd hop on the blog bandwagon one day, and today is the day I grabbed the bull by the horns and went for it!

I learned how to knit a few years ago and in the past two years or so have really gotten into it. I love being able to make things, take my project with me, and stay busy all the time. I can't believe how bored I used to be sitting in doctor's offices!

Other than that, I am planning my wedding to a wonderful wonderful guy, have two cats (I know... I'm a knitter with cats... such a statistic) and also love running and golf. Looking forward to getting more golf in this summer. I'm always happy with a good bottle of wine and some stinky cheese and am a sucker for music as well.

So that's that! I try to stay pretty busy and am easily excitable, so we'll see how this goes....