Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The things we will not speak of...

Ok, I'm not going to talk about the tea cozies except to say that I got them done, I forgot to take a picture, and I'm done with tea cozies potentially forever.

Moving on.

So last weekend, or last week, whatever day it was, I don't remember... I was in the room we use as an office using the computer and I heard one of my cats making a weird smacking noise with his mouth... very odd. So I looked over and outside my slider I saw a neighborhood cat, which isn't new. My house is a contemporary and we have lots of sliders and floor to ceiling windows and all kinds of places for my cats to look out and other cats to look in. There's a cat that is so big she looks like a raccoon, another black cat, a crazy white and stripey cat, and we have a new kid on the block who likes to come visit, and it looks like a time warp when he does because he looks exactly like Joey did when he was little! Here he is, I call him Evil Twin, because he is cross-eyed.

So that was one thing that made me happy this weekend. Another thing was one of our trees being in bloom! Its in bloom a lot of the time, but its my favorite plant/tree that we have and I think its so pretty when its in bloom like this. Erm just bought a yellow hibiscus too, so pretty soon they BOTH will be in bloom at the same time!

And lastly, but not leastly, MOH's shower was a hit! Everything went really smoothly, everything was delicious and fun, and most of all, she had a good time. It was great to be part of such a successful day!
So that's all the excitement for now. I'm working on a new round of projects that should be done by the end of this week! I'll keep you posted!

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Kelly said...

That tree looks so pretty in bloom! Glad to hear the shower went smoothly!!