Wednesday, July 16, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

Some of my favorite things about summer:

1. Staying lighter later. This allows me to be outside until 8:30, sometimes later! Last night Erm and I played tennis with my cousin and his girlfriend, and we were out just that late. I'm not even going to brag about our crazy comeback, which I am paying for today. I swear, sometimes I feel like an 80 year old after exercise! Maybe its because I'm considered an "older woman", as stated by one of my coworkers yesterday. But, this is a happy post. The blow was softened afterwards, where we partook in...

2. Ice cream stands! Or in this case, an ice cream store. There's nothing like a spur of the moment stop at an ice cream place to cheer you up! Instead of my normal pistachio or chocolate chip, I got a pina colada slush, which was excellent. It was a wise move since I got ice cream yesterday at work (oops). Thank God for tennis!

3. Swimming in my parents' pool, which I actually haven't gotten a chance to do yet this year! Hopefully this Saturday will change that...

4. Sitting outside on a deck somewhere, enjoying a delicious beer and some seafood. This is really my favorite thing about summer. It sounds like I have a problem, but being able to sit on the ocean, during the day, and have drinks... yum. I can see you smiling right now. This Sunday, Erm and I are heading to Federal Jacks in Kennebunkport for the day. Well, we'll walk around town, too. We got engaged last July, and we are celebrating one year of engaged bliss. Can't wait!

5. Sundresses. When you just want to be comfortable.

6. Barbeque. I am lucky enough to be marrying a man who not only cooks inside, but has crazy grilling and smoking skills. Ribs, brisket, chicken, vegetables, potatoes... he does it all. And I'm not talking just a bare steak or pre-marinated chicken from the butcher. He makes his own rubs, sauces, marinades, etc. He also likes to dress like his food
7. Sights like this:

I hope everyone is having a safe and happy summer!

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