Tuesday, July 29, 2008

TNT, Red Socks, and Space Invaders

Hello there! Long time no blog! I've been busy busy busy! Between work, wedding stuff, running/tennis/etc, I haven't had much time to knit! However, I have had a big accomplishment... I finished Red Sock number one! Its been done for a little while, it took me a record 2 weeks for one sock, which is very speedy for me! I cast on the second last night so I wouldn't suffer from SSS on this one. I'm very pleased with how they are coming out, although I'm wishing I had made the leg a little longer. Oh well, take a look!

After that sense of accomplishment, its on to more accomplishment, namely my 5 mile race! When I say accomplishment, though, I don't mean that I won, or even ran a personal best. I mean I finished. Because it was HOT that day. We started at 9, and even though I'd say about half the race was shaded, the half that was in the sun was brutal. What a difference an hour makes!!

To keep me active when I'm not trying to kill myself running in the heat, I play tennis on Tuesday nights with my fiance, cousin, and his girlfriend. My cousin and his girlfriend take Tuesday Night Tennis (TNT) very seriously, as shown by their uniforms.

And by the look I have here, you can tell I don't take TNT all that seriously. Although I feel like I do...

Well, at least its good exercise.

This weekend after my 5 miles of hell, I went to the Lowell Folk Festival with my old coworker and good friend Keely. We had food, drinks, and lots of fun! We also brought her gorgeous and wonderful dog, Semper. Actually, he is still a puppy. A huge, 7 month old, 80+ pound puppy! He is also my nephew. We walked around for awhile, and finally found a place to camp out for a few hours. What we should have done was open up a petting zoo! So many little kiddos came over to investigate Semper, who just kissed them all and took it like a champ! For all the people that were afraid of him, he was a pussycat with the kids, and well behaved all day! We had fun!

Also saw some friends from college and high school this weekend! We got together at Melissa's house for dinner on Sunday night, all eight and a half of us. The half being Brady of course! He had some toys, some big beautiful eyes, some chubby cheeks!

That would normally bring me to a quiet Monday night, but last night Erm and I went to the Eagles concert with my uncle and some of his friends/family. Which brings me to something that I cannot be quiet about any longer.... SPACE INVADERS. I try not to let little things bother me, since life is too short for wrinkles, but its gone on long enough. If you are at a concert, and notice that the person next to you is standing really close to you, or their partner on the other side, look down and check out where you are... if you are occupying more than half the space that the OTHER person's seat allows, you are a SPACE INVADER. Get back in your seat! I cannot stress this enough. I really don't mind sitting next to strangers, so I always take the seat on the end, since so many people do mind. However, I do have a problem when the guy next to me is a Space Invader, and his elbow/hip/hand/etc manages to invade itself to my backside, if you know what I mean. Those seats are certainly big enough for the average, even slightly larger than average person, and there is no need to try to box someone out of their own seat. If you don't want to stand close to people, don't go to the concert, stay home and listen to the CD!!!

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Kelly said...

Love the red sock....nice....oh and the tennis pics. Looks like you guys have a good time! And of course little Brady-boy....those were cute pics you took!