Thursday, November 20, 2008

She's here!

Boy am I a bad blogger. I think its because I have next to nothing to report in my knitting world. Work has kept me super busy, as has the beginning of the home stretch for wedding planning! There is, however, one thing that took total precedence this weekend, quite early on Sunday morning. I got the call around 1am, and then again at 3ish, that Melissa was finally in labor with Baby Alex! There's been much confusion over her due date, but regardless, she was late. After 20 hours of labor and a C-section, Alexandria Margaret Child arrived at 8:38 on Sunday morning. Kelly, Fawn and I were lucky enough to be wanted there to meet her within her first minutes of life, along with Melissa's parents. True to form, I cried all morning :) Mommy, Daddy, and baby are doing well, and I could be biased, but I think she is BEAUTIFUL...

Congratulations Melissa, Mike and Alex!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thank you, thank you!

This was how I spent my Saturday morning:

Because it was my shower!!! Erm whisked me off to my shower brunch on Saturday morning. I was quite anxious until I got inside, but once there, I had so much fun! My mother, godmother, my bridesmaids, and my future mother-in-law put so much thought into everything to include all my tastes (shown by the omelette bar and Bloody Mary bar) and everything was black and white or ivory to go along with the wedding. Go to Kelly's Blog to see the gorgeous cake! We got so many wonderful gifts that I can't wait to use. It actually looks like Crate and Barrel threw up in my house! I'm so grateful to everyone who came and help make it a very special day. And especially to everyone involved in the planning... thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Is this normal?

Most mornings, Erm and I sit and have our cereal and watch the news. Occaisionally, we will put our bowls on the floor for the cats. (I know, this is probably bad, but there's about a dropper ful of milk in there and they're still alive). Something different happened today... Is this normal?

He pushed that bowl all the way across the floor! Its a new sport!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My country 'tis of thee...

... sweet land of opportunity!

I couldn't post yesterday because I was way too caught up in everything else going on. I voted in the morning and was on a voter-high all day. I LOVE voting. I know there are lots of people out there who love voting, and NH residents take their voting very, very seriously. We have the priviledge of voting in the first primary, and, it appears that we have become a swing state? So, where its not a given any more that the Granite State goes Republican, its especially exciting.

I hope everyone voted yesterday. And if you didn't, gear up to start voting in the future. Especially if you're not happy with how the election went. "I didn't feel informed enough to make a decision" is not a viable excuse... it was impossible to not be informed about this election! I already jumped on my soapbox about how voting is part of what makes this country so wonderful, and its such an American thing to do. So I won't go on and on about that. If you didn't vote... no complaining!

Now that the election is over, I have a proposal for those on both sides. If you are a Barack Obama supporter, you must be very excited. Congratulations. Now simmer down and relax. For those of you who voted McCain, the election is over. Its time to get behind President Elect Obama and be Americans. No complaining will change the election, so we all need to be positive and hope that he and all the Democratic Congressmen and women and Senators do a great job, and that this new strategy works to fix the economy, and that we stay safe from all threats, at home and abroad.

Hey, we still have lower gas prices!

God bless America!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The last mention of the P word...

...and the P word is... Pumpkins!

I guess I really like pumpkins! Last week I barely got any knitting done, so I made up for it this weekend by finishing one of the Little Pumpkins socks! I was very excited to have found what seems to be the best number of stitches to cast on for my socks. I have narrow feet and kind of narrow ankles and calves. However, I have long feet (size 9), so I learned on my first pair of socks that if I cast on what is recommended for a size 9, they are too wide and become slouchy and bulky. These socks are written for a size 6 with 64 stitches. I knew I was going to be making them longer, but thought I'd try the 64 stitches. It worked, they fit great! Except... I should have made them a teeny bit longer. I think my foot is actually longer than I thought, or it grew after I measured it, or something. At any rate, here is my first Little Pumpkin sock, my first patterned sock that I knitted for ME!

In the ultimate act of Single Sock Syndrome, I may wait til next year to knit the other one. Isn't that ridiculous? I just have so many other socks to knit, and October is over, and my mom bought me the "2 at a Time on One Circular" book and I'm dying to learn how to knit both socks at the same time, Magic Loop style, so this doesn't happen again. Although, after I get the remaining yarn for Erm's sockthatwon'tend and finish that, maybe I'll want to finish the pumpkins. We'll see.
Now that Halloween is over its time to focus on the next holiday, which is tomorrow, and that is Election Day. I'm not going to go all mavericky on anyone and push any candidates, however, I do need to urge that everyone get out and vote! Even if you don't feel informed enough to make a decision, even if its a pain to stand in those lines... just do it. People died while forming this country so that we would have the right to vote, and I consider it the most American thing you can do. So even if you write in Mickey Mouse (I'm not suggesting Mickey Mouse for President - Sorry Kel) just VOTE!!!
And if you live in Massachusetts, vote Yes on 3 ;)
Happy Voting, everyone!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween! (So unlike me to be late...)

I just didn't have time to blog this week, so I'm extending Halloween by a day! I have no pictures of costumes, since we didn't go anywhere. We had a nice dinner and watched Open Water last night. Which, while not a slasher/ghost/zombie movie, was still pretty scary! Its one of those movies that you have to have an imagination to get the full effect, but if you do, its worth it. And you have to stomach the first 15 mins, they're pretty stupid.
We did watch the movie by the light of my pumpkin, which stayed inside. There's no point in putting it outside, we got one group of trick-or-treaters, as usual.

I have no pictures of knitting! I haven't knitted since Tuesday, if you can believe it. I was not home any night this week, and therefore had no time! I worked Monday and Tuesday nights as usual, Wednesday I had a fun dinner at my friend Keely's house with my old coworkers, and Thursday I was at a rally for our Senatorial candidate. It was a lot of fun, but I'm glad the week if over and life can go back to semi-normal!
If you're not lucky enough to live in New England, I wanted to share what my backyard is like right now. Leaf peeping paradise!

And Joey says have a nice weekend... or he's ready to attack. Either way, here he is: