Thursday, May 15, 2008

Welcome... to you and me

Hi there!

I figured I'd hop on the blog bandwagon one day, and today is the day I grabbed the bull by the horns and went for it!

I learned how to knit a few years ago and in the past two years or so have really gotten into it. I love being able to make things, take my project with me, and stay busy all the time. I can't believe how bored I used to be sitting in doctor's offices!

Other than that, I am planning my wedding to a wonderful wonderful guy, have two cats (I know... I'm a knitter with cats... such a statistic) and also love running and golf. Looking forward to getting more golf in this summer. I'm always happy with a good bottle of wine and some stinky cheese and am a sucker for music as well.

So that's that! I try to stay pretty busy and am easily excitable, so we'll see how this goes....

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Tammy said...

Welcome to blogland! It looks great!