Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This just in

This just in... the Rusted Root is STILL super small. I checked on it this morning. Its taking a long time to dry so I may stretch it out and repin it. Or maybe I should just leave it alone. I've never had something be THIS SMALL. Has anyone ever successfully blocked something that you thought would never be big enough?

Hopefully I'll have a new camera soon to post some fun pics. I am still working on Erm's Earl Grey's and I may be taking a trip to the store to get yarn to finish his original birthday socks. But I have to start something new... with the lightning speed I finished the Root at, I'm wondering if its smarter to start something I want to be able to wear within the next 4 months, or a fall/winter sweater.

I have to share a blog I found... its Healthy Tipping Point. I don't even remember how I came across it... I think I was looking for a healthy recipe for something. About a month ago I had a little wake-up call and decided I needed to exercise more, eat better, and drink more water. Sounds simple, but as someone all past coworkers refer to as "The Girl with the Hollow Leg", it has been tough for me to cut down on my eating. I actually haven't cut DOWN, just try to balance more, and count my calories, and eat more fruits and veggies. I feel so much better, have lots more energy, and my desire to exercise has come back. From what I can tell, the author of said blog had a similar epiphany and has been focusing on health as well. What's great about her blog is that it gives fun and creative ideas and ways to eat, and think of food as fuel instead of entertainment. Its very motivating!

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