Friday, June 19, 2009

Lesson Learned

So! After the dreaded Rusted Root disaster, I needed a quick hit to get my knitting mojo back. The other night my mom and I went to Yarn and Fiber in Derry NH so she could find some yarn she was looking for. It sometimes feels like cheating when I visit another LYS, but this was the first time in over a year I've been somewhere other than Knit Pickings (who is having a HUGE sale right now) around here, so I didn't feel TOO bad.

While there, I laid eyes on the Great American Afghan and fell in love... if it weren't for my Sock Yarn Blankie, I would be buying all supplies for this RIGHTNOW but I need to keep myself in check. (although there is that sale at KP...)
They had a sample of it at the store and its GORGEOUS! I get all choked up when I look at it... it makes me think of Christmas, and being up north, and fireplaces, and movies, and Christmas, and chilly days, and tea, and Christmas...

My mom didn't find the yarn she was looking for, but it was great to check out the shop! And, I got more yarn to finish Erm's Original Birthday Socks! (Pic of the first one here). Only problem is that is a variegated yarn, and the socks are solid. Its the same color, Slate, but the new yarn is all different shades of it. Its actually very pretty and I will be using the majority of the skein for myself. BUT, I finished those two pattern repeats and have started toe decreases, so hooray! Erm says he doesn't mind having a different colored toe on one of them. I think it will add a bit of whimsy to these socks.

I plan on finishing these socks in the car tonight. This is Birthday Surprise weekend for Erm! Lots of car time. We're spanning 4 of the six New England states this weekend, doing all sorts of fun stuff. Maybe I'll have crappy phone pictures on Monday!

After these socks are done (tonight), I need to start a new project. Yes, I can start my new pair of socks for me. But... I have had my eye on the Coquette Lace Tube Top (Ravelry link) from Fitted Knits. I figure I can't be gun-shy about starting new projects, either. I packed my knitting bag with both circulars, the book and yarn needed to start this project. Here's my dilemma... everyone on Ravelry says this cute top knits up way too big. I think we know that's not a problem for me, however, I'm trying to figure out the best way to overcome it. The pattern calls for a 5 for the ribbing and a 7 for the body of the top. I brought a 5 and a 6. I also am going to knit it about 4 inches too small. And I think I'll add some waist shaping. I know one thing... I'll definitely be trying this one on as I go! Hopefully all goes well and I don't have a meltdown tomorrow on the way from Connecticut to Maine, because that would make for a looooooong car ride!

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