Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Old friends and new friends

These are my new friends, bought in Maine on our mini-moon:

Some Malabrigo in Pagoda. Hard to tell from this pic, its a reddish brown. It is currently being knitted into a plain poncho.

Pine Woods Sock Yarn, in some unnamed color. Its different shades of green with some grey in there. I love it.
Jitterbug Sock Yarn, in October Afternoon. I am MOST excited about this one, and looking forward to finding the perfect pattern for it.

I am currently working on the Socks that I Hate. I really hate them. I'm not sure if I just hate the yarn with the pattern, the yarn in general, or what. Actually, I think it was the pattern with the yarn, because I am at the end of the gusset decreases now and I tried one on yesterday and it fit perfectly, and when its in just plain stockinette, I don't hate it so much.

The yarn is Plymouth Happy Feet... colorway 12

This weekend we made an attempt to get our lives and our house back to normal. We still have wedding/shower gifts all over the house and I still haven't unpacked my suitcase from the minimoon, but I definitely got a lot of other things done.

One big thing I had to do was organize my closet in the office which is designated for all my craft stuff. Before the wedding it became the closet I opened and threw stuff in without looking. So I did something that I waited to do until after we were married... I dragged my stash out and organized it. Its in 3 small bins and one big bin, which I don't think is too much, or dare I say, even enough.

Sock yarn bin... which one to knit up next?

The UFO bin, for things I currently have on the needles (note my poor, sad, Rusted Root)

The I'mGoingToKnitThisNext bin... that beautiful Malabrigo (in Stonechat) is going to be a scarf, and that green Cuzco is going to be a sweater. All for me :)
Last, but biggest, the IBoughtThisForAReasonAndNeverGotAroundToIt bin.
See... really not that bad.
Quotes heard from Erm while I did this project:
"Woah, you could open your own yarn store!"
"Here's an idea... more knitting, less buying"
"That's ALL sock yarn?"
"I bet you could just smush that all down and fit it into one bin"
"You could knit 60 socks with all that sock yarn."
"After today, I have come to a conclusion... you are not a knitter. You are a yarn collector."
He was just... in awe. I tried to explain to him that my stash is relatively small, but he just didn't buy it. He also harbors some feelings due to his SocksThatWon'tEnd not being done, which I can understand. I need more yarn for those, though. There's someone who works at my LYS who has a whole other HOUSE for her yarn. I can't help but wonder... how big are other people's stashes???

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I decline the need to comment on my stash. ;)