Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It looks like Tuesday is my blog day!
So on Saturday night, I FINALLY finished the Socks that I Dislike!!! Wahoo! It may be my favorite project that I've ever finished, I'm not sure why. I got very bored with these socks very fast. I didn't like the pattern much, and it really didn't go with the pattern on the yarn. However, they are VERY comfortable (I'm actually wearing them right now) and I like wearing them very much. :)

I still don't really like looking at them...

So, I did some thinking about what kind of sock I wanted to knit next, and with what yarn... I decided I wanted some kind of easily memorized pattern with one of my solid yarns. I don't really have that many solid sock yarns, come to think of it...

So, I pulled my bright Grover blue Lang Jawoll out of the sock yarn bin and cast on! I'm still just on the ribbing for these (I usually have to rip out a few times before I get my join in the round right... ugh) but I think they are going to be a spiral rib, unless I come up with something better before I get to the end of the ribbing, which I am halfway done with. Any ideas are welcome... this is the yarn, and yes it is THAT bright

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