Thursday, February 26, 2009

New toys

I was so excited to find two new toys this week! I think I'm a big dork, because one is a Ravelry toy and one is a Blogger toy. But anyway...

1. There is a new tab in the "friends" section on Ravelry. I have no idea how new this tab is but its quite new to me. So, there's "Friends"; "Friend Activity" which keeps you posted when your friends queue, favorite, finish, stash, etc; "Friend's Blogs" which is pretty self explanatory; and the new one "Neighbors". The neighbor tab is people (friends or not) that share your taste in patterns! I love going in there and seeing who else likes the same stuff I do! And this goes for finished projects and queued projects. Ravelry's so great for getting help when you're stuck with something, I'm looking forward to seeing how this new one helps me out of a new jam!

2. The "follwer" widget for Blogger. Right over there, on the right hand side. I decided to add to my blogs-I-follow list last week and its made my life much more fun. I always have at least one or two blogs to read and help me procrastinate from whatever else I could be doing :) I have also done lots of reading that if you follow someone's blog, you get more activity on YOUR blog, and I think that's true, I've seen more visitors in the past week! Fun!

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