Monday, November 3, 2008

The last mention of the P word...

...and the P word is... Pumpkins!

I guess I really like pumpkins! Last week I barely got any knitting done, so I made up for it this weekend by finishing one of the Little Pumpkins socks! I was very excited to have found what seems to be the best number of stitches to cast on for my socks. I have narrow feet and kind of narrow ankles and calves. However, I have long feet (size 9), so I learned on my first pair of socks that if I cast on what is recommended for a size 9, they are too wide and become slouchy and bulky. These socks are written for a size 6 with 64 stitches. I knew I was going to be making them longer, but thought I'd try the 64 stitches. It worked, they fit great! Except... I should have made them a teeny bit longer. I think my foot is actually longer than I thought, or it grew after I measured it, or something. At any rate, here is my first Little Pumpkin sock, my first patterned sock that I knitted for ME!

In the ultimate act of Single Sock Syndrome, I may wait til next year to knit the other one. Isn't that ridiculous? I just have so many other socks to knit, and October is over, and my mom bought me the "2 at a Time on One Circular" book and I'm dying to learn how to knit both socks at the same time, Magic Loop style, so this doesn't happen again. Although, after I get the remaining yarn for Erm's sockthatwon'tend and finish that, maybe I'll want to finish the pumpkins. We'll see.
Now that Halloween is over its time to focus on the next holiday, which is tomorrow, and that is Election Day. I'm not going to go all mavericky on anyone and push any candidates, however, I do need to urge that everyone get out and vote! Even if you don't feel informed enough to make a decision, even if its a pain to stand in those lines... just do it. People died while forming this country so that we would have the right to vote, and I consider it the most American thing you can do. So even if you write in Mickey Mouse (I'm not suggesting Mickey Mouse for President - Sorry Kel) just VOTE!!!
And if you live in Massachusetts, vote Yes on 3 ;)
Happy Voting, everyone!

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Kelly said...

I think you should get Mavericky...oh, and funny, someone at work today said the exact same thing about voting for Mickey hey....ya never know!!!!! ;)