Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Vacation? Where did you go?

I feel like it was just two weeks ago that I was getting excited for my vacation. Oh wait, it was.

So in addition to teaching Brady to do "cheers", my vacation was spent dress shopping for my flower girl and my mother (on different days), playing 27 holes of golf with Erm, and spending some time with my aunt. I don't have pictures of anything I did for my whole vacation! Labor Day weekend was spent putting on Kerri's bachelorette party and I don't have any pictures of that either! What was I thinking!?

I DO have pictures of my Blankie. I need to take pictures of my other projects so I don't have to keep putting pictures of Blankie up here. They're quite pathetic. But, they are showing some progress! Ever since I got that package of sock yarn balls, I can't stop! I promise after this, no more blankie pictures! (do I really believe that?)

Sorry about Joey's head... he can't help himself. He, too, is drawn to the Blankie...

I was thinking about that list I started, back in July... and wanted to see how I am doing on it...
1. Gift #1 - I don't even remember what this is. But I know I'm not done with it.
2. Gift # 2 (I can't say what the gifts are, for the same reason that I don't badmouth people, you never know who is reading your blog). - Don't remember what this is either... I need codes for these anonymous gifts.

3. Red Sock #2 - Done!

4. Erm's Sock #2 - Had some of the cuff done on this, then realized it was doing this weird separating thing on one side, so I frogged it. Need to start over.

5. My poor, neglected Rusted Root - Lets be reasonable here. This one is in hibernation.

6. My Sock Yarn Blankie, which needs a new name and definitely won't be done until after my first wedding anniversary. Big big ongoing project. - This will get done little by little... but there's no pressure, which is nice.

7. My mohair shawl - This is no longer a project
Well... I guess I'm not doing too badly. Those anonymous gifts are constantly being worked on, as well as the Blankie (which has no ETA), and Erm's sock. Kind of. I took RR and the shawl out of the mix and finished the Red Sox, so I'd say I'm in pretty good shape!

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