Monday, September 15, 2008

More baby cables! And... food

So apparently I have a new addiction. I can tell its something I may be addicted to because I have said many times that I won't knit the same thing more than once. That was before... baby cables! This is my new favorite gift, I'm sure of it. Its adorable, its small, and its CABLES (which I do love). My coworker had his baby (well, his wife did) and he was 11 days early! You don't hear too much of that for a first child! But, he came regardless and I wanted to have something for him when Dad got back to work today. Here's my newest and one of my fastest projects

My real favorite thing about this hat is the decreases at the top, I love how one cable gets tapered all the way down before the other. Looks like there's a cable there, but there's not! I'm sure this is common in cabled hats, but I personally haven't seen that many of them, so this is new and exciting to me. I took a closeup:

In other weekend news, we had dinner with friends Friday night, and their two kids, one of which had a great time feeding Erm about 25 green olives. I think he's set for a bit. Saturday night we also had dinner with friends, a more adult dinner, but we were still home pretty early. We are poops. Yesterday was a very rare occasion... we had NO PLANS. This hasn't happened on a weekend in a very very long time. So, true to form, we filled our morning up with a trip to the mall to pick out more registry stuff, grab a couple of other things and get home to put ribs in. Mmmm I love ribs. Especially Erm's ribs. He smokes them for hours, then finishes them on the grill. It gives them a great smoky flavor, and they fall right off the bone. Complete with my homemade baked beans (which are delicious, I must say) and some broccoli (to be healthy) and its perfect football food! Enjoy!

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Sarah said...

Hi, I'm Sarah and I found your blog via Kelly's blog. Those ribs and beans look amazing! Any chance you would share the recipes? :)