Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The ILLUSION is done!!

I never thought I'd finish the Illusion Scarf, but I actually did! I finished last Thursday, just in time to get it packed up and sent to my swap partner. I really didn't anticipate how LONG it was going to be... this scarf ended up being 8 feet long! Considering that I usually make my scarves 5 feet long, this was a huge difference. Luckily, I was using size 9s and some bulky yarn, so it didn't feel like it took that long. I'm working on other scarves that are taking me much longer...

Here are some pics of the finished product!

One reason I like doing scarves (I like scarves, I'm weird) is that I get to try new techniques on something small, so if I have to rip anything out, its not painful, as it would be on a sweater, or even socks. In addition to Illusion Knitting, I got to do the Three Needle Bind-Off for the first time with this scarf. I have always been afraid of the TNBO, but its actually not bad at all! Looky:
You have two ends on two needles. In this case, the middle of the scarf. Then, you insert your needle as if to knit into the first stitch on each needle, like so... I included two pics here, what it looks like normally and then I spread them out so you can see better:

Then, you knit them together! You just wrap your yarn around like usual, and pull it through. Here's a pic of the wrapping around part, I am not crafty enough (yet) to get the pic of me pulling it through

And then you do it again and slip the first knitted stitch over the second, just like a regular bind-off. Keep doing it all the way across (like a regular bind-off) and you will have two pieces nicely bound together!

I have a new respect for anyone who takes pics of their knitting WHILE they are knitting. Its tough!

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