Monday, August 25, 2008

Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me...

Ahoy! I'm back after a busy weekend! There's been lots of progress in my projects, new yarn, and lots of other fun stuff!

First of all, I finished the Red Sox Socks! I was so excited to finish my second full pair of socks! I wove in the ends on Friday night and gave them to my friend on Saturday, she loved them! Here is a pic of the finished pair:

I showed them off at Knit Night and got compliments from Gail, the sock expert, so they must be OK :)

Saturday in addition to giving Dana her socks, we went sailing! Our friends Steve and Kristen have a boat in Salem, and once a year we load up the coolers and spend a day on the high sea. This year we had the best weather out of the past 3 years, its usually overcast and cold!

Here's me and Erm (Erm and I?) on the boat:

And, I helped out and steered the launch (that's nautical speak for the shuttle boat that takes us from our friend's boat to the dock) on the way back. Ahoy!

When we got back from sailing, I ran to my mailbox, since I was waiting for two things. My first Interweave Knits magazine (has anyone else gotten theirs? I haven't gotten my fall one yet and I'm getting nervous) and my shipment for my Sock Yarn Blankie exchange with those cute little balls I shared with you about 2 months ago. Well... obviously I didn't get my magazine, but look what I DID get!

I was torn between leaving it intact and exciting or diving right in. I was only torn for about 2 seconds. So, thanks to my new sock yarn... this is what I have for my blankie as of today:

I know... not very exciting. But, I can't stop working on it! I also have some other squares that I need to attach soon. But, I have a couple of projects that I'm working on that are time sensitive (surprise!) and I don't have time for the blankie! I didn't believe it, but it really does call to you... so strange.

I also have pics of the Illusion Scarf, but I'll save those for tomorrow!

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Kelly said...

Love the sailboat pics!!!