Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You can't always get what you want...

... actually, I DID get what I want. And I HAVEN'T gotten what I need! We leave two weeks from tomorrow for our honeymoon and I still have not received my passport. Yikes! I have a bad history with passports to begin with, so I called today and expidited it. Hopefully I'll get it in time!

Monday I came home to what I wanted, which was a package of mini balls and skeins for my sock yarn blankie!

Naturally, I busted into it and knitted a square right away.

This past weekend was very productive for us. We had so much to get done around the house in the general cleaning category, which we did. We recently started doing some renovations/changes to the house, and this week I am getting new stairs! I wish I had a picture of the old ones... they were yukky off-white 20 year old carpet. YUK. The new ones will be hardwood, just like the rest of the house. I am also doing something cool with the risers. I'll take some good pics!

Another thing that had to get done was our kitchen ceiling. Up here in NH we had a ton of snow, and it was followed by warmer temperatures, then followed by colder temperatures, etc. This resulted in a lot of melting, then refreezing, which led to an ice dam on our roof which led to this:

That's some high quality water damage, there. We actually had a bit of it in just about every area of the house, but that was the bad part. So we got a semi-new ceiling, some new light fixtures... looks great now!

Erm managed to electrocute himself while playing with the wires, but he's ok now.

In baking news, our friend Scott's surprise birthday was this past Friday night. When we go to his house he likes to offer us a drink by asking "Can I get you something to warm your cockles?", which of course I find hilarious. I was looking through my Cooky Book one day and came across a recipe for Cockle Shell cookies! So I had to make them!

They were really cute and went over well, but I don't think I'd make them again. It took a long time to roll those little buggers up!

Sunday morning I looked around and saw nothing good for breakfast and was in the mood to bake again. Enter these beauties:

Simple, delicious, beautiful biscuits. Martha Stewart's recipe.

Next time will definitely be knitting. I have looked in my knitting basket and realized that I have many projects in there that are fall/winter articles (a hat, a couple of sweaters, a poncho, etc). I still want to finish these, but have other things that I want to wear this spring/summer (Rusted Root, Coquette top, etc and of course more socks!) so I need to do a reorganizing.

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