Monday, March 23, 2009

A Riddle

Q. What do you call it when a carpenter gets drunk?

A. He gets hammered!

Ah, how amusing. Extra amusing that it happened in my house on Friday! Erm got a quote for the stairs from the same Guy that did our ceiling, since he did a good job in the kitchen. Erm bought all the supplies, took the yukky carpet off the stairs and got all the staples out, etc. Prepped and ready to go. Friday he came home to let the Guy into the house to do some painting that he had left to do and maybe get started on the stairs. While Erm was gone, Guy got into this:

So Erm came home an hour and a half later to all our doors being open in the house, and he could hear belligerent drunk Russian yelling. And instead of painting and maybe working on the stairs a little, he did this:

He didn't give us an estimate for that hole

He also took all of the old stair treads off, in a fit of drunken ambition, I suppose. So, the view from the top of the stairs is this:

Luckily, I am very nimble and am practicing to be a tightrope walker, so I just walk right down the middle on that little board. Its fine. Actually, Erm took some of the treads that Guy didn't rip apart and took the nails out and we put them on the stairs, so there's a tread on every other or every third step. They aren't nailed on or anything and they rock and make some noise when you step on them, which is extra fun with cats running up and down the stairs all night. Erm had to bring The Guy outside where he asked Erm 3 times if he was bringing him home (Erm had called his wife to come and get him) and then tried to get in Erm's car... just to prove a point, I guess. We do have someone coming on Thursday to finish them and do them the right way and leave our liquor cabinet untouched, so hopefully by this weekend we'll be good as new!

In other news, remember that contest I told you about? Well, I am here to prove to you that real people DO win blog contests, because I WON!!!! It was random, so I don't think I did anything too special, but I'm really really excited to have won!! I can't wait to see what kind of springy present comes my way! Wahoo! By the way, her blog is right here. Thanks Shelly!

I also finished the Muppet Socks last night, but didn't take any pictures yet and haven't written up any of the fun stuff I did for them, so hopefully I'll be able to blog about them tomorrow!!! Now I can start on a pair for Erm and work on that blasted Rusted Root...


Kelly said...

OMIGOD those pics are CRAZY! You may be able to join the circus after treking up and down those stairs every day!! I would have absolutely fallen on my a** by now! ;)

Oh - and congrats on winning the contest! We need pics of what you won once it comes!

Kelly said...

Oh - and you need to add Twitter to your blog!