Monday, October 6, 2008

Wedding #2, Apple Picking #1

What a weekend! My maid (now matron) of honor, Kerri, got married on Saturday! I got to return the favor and act as her maid of honor for the day. It was a gorgeous day out, how lucky that the weather cooperated... for once around here. The ceremony was in a rose garden on the water in Beverly, and the reception was at Tupper Manor, also in Beverly. The whole wedding and everything about it were GORGEOUS. I was a basketcase all day... not sure what that was all about. Naturally, I don't have pictures yet, because for once in my life, I forgot my camera! More on that later.

Where I DID remember to bring my camera was apple picking on Sunday! Another gorgeous day! It was Kristin's first apple picking experience and she was not disappointed! We picked apples and pumpkins, grabbed some cider and crafty stuff, and went home and watched the Pats! I love fall!!!!

Kristin picking her first apple!

Me eating my first apple

Farmer Erm, showing off
Next up... more knitting!

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