Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin in disguise

This weekend we had a fall project day, not to be confused with our summer project day that we had a few months ago. I was too busy to take lots of pictures, but one thing I did that desperately needed to be done was to clean out our pantry. I like to stuff as much sutff in there as possible until things start falling out. Erm thinks we need to clean it, I think we just need more storage. At any rate, I cleaned it, and in the end, as always, I was happy I did. In the process, I found enough paper plates to feed a small country on. Literally. We never need to buy a paper plate again. Who needs this many paper plates?

After other projects got done, we headed off for a visit with Erm's parents' house and then to Skip and Dana's for dinner. My favorite thing to bring is dessert, so that's what we brought. I also got to make my chocolate-pumpkin-pecan cake, it was delicious, and didn't look too bad either! Next time I'm going to double the recipe so that it evens out more in the pan and matches up better. I thought I did ok, though. The stem? That's a secret ingredient...

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Jo said...

That cake is genius. Is it just two bundt cakes put together to make a pumpkin shape? Awesome.

Also, you are not alone with your paper plate problem. Every time I dig in the cabinet, I seem to find another package.