Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Isn't that awesome?

Ahh... nothing like a long weekend to refresh and recharge! This past weekend was Erm's bachelor party, so I turned to my friend Shaine to entertain me. She did not disappoint! Shaine won some plane tickets in a raffle, but in order to get them, she had to drive up to the mountains and tour a timeshare and get the hard sell put on her. I was given the option of going or waiting for her to come home and hang out, and I said why the heck not? I'm not doing anything else today! So we went on a road trip to the mountains. I had heard that the foliage was at its peak and absolutely gorgeous, so we were excited (and amused) to get some leaf peeping in. We may have said peeping 20 times in the course of the day! Here's some pics of the peeping:

That's me... peepin

These people were peepin

So Shaine joined in

I missed my calling

So we finally got to the timeshare place after all the peeping (see, I told you I couldn't stop saying peeping) and went through the longest hour and a half of our lives. Shaine and I used to work in a sales-organization-that-doesn't-classify-itself-as-a-sales-organization, and we spotted this time share saleslady's tricks a mile away. We were particularly amused by her insistence on saying "Isn't that awesome?" after just about everything. "Europeans vacation 6 weeks out of the year, its their God given birthright... isn't that awesome?" or "You can get a locker at any of our locations any time... isn't that awesome?" and "These condos are fully furnished, there's even salt and pepper... isn't that awesome?". I don't think I've heard the word "awesome" that much since I watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in middle school. It was also awkward that Shaine was treated like some kind of invalid because she isn't married or engaged, and brought a friend with her. They kept telling her that they liked to have the people in charge of making decisions there, and asking her when she thinks she'll be engaged, like she's some kind of robot controlled by her significant other. (I'm not usually all feminist-y, but it was ridiculous). It gave me a nice out when they turned to me and asked me if they could get ME into a timeshare... I told them I clearly gave up my decision making skills when I got engaged...

Even Erm's Sock that Won't End got into the leaf peeping!

This sock really.....won't....end. I have a mere 2 repeats of the pattern and the toe and I RAN OUT OF YARN. Arg! Erm will have to wait on that second sock until I buy more, which probably won't be the same dye lot. Luckily its a cuff down sock, and not toe up!

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Shaine said...

My favorite thing about this blog is that it was posted at 3:35 am. Were you having a sombrero? That is awesome!