Monday, August 18, 2008

A canoli a day...

This past Saturday was designated as a day to get things done for the wedding. We had two tasks to accomplish. 1. Taste canolis and figure out which ones we want for our wedding (instead of a wedding cake, we are doing a canoli tree, with some other treats, too). 2. Finish the registering that I needed Erm for. So, we set out Saturday morning with a spring in our step, excited about the day. Then I saw something that was very encouraging:

Then it was off to try canolis... but we didn't have to try much! The first place we went to (which happens to be the only place that will do the canoli 'tree') had FANTASTIC canolis! And they were pretty good size for small ones! Here's the winner:

And... now I'm hungry for a canoli.

So off we went to the Burlington Mall to hit our three registry places. After a near-meltdown about bedding, we were finally done! All in all it was a great day, Erm actually had fun, and registered for things that HE wanted, too. (Mostly grilling stuff. Which is fine, since I reap the benefits of Erm's grilling). Then we stopped at yet another bakery to get more canolis for dessert at the neighbors' that night, went home and got ready and had a nice night!

In knitting news, I have turned the heel on the second Red Sox Sock and just have the gusset, foot, and toe and then I'm done! These have to be done by Saturday, but I have a very light work week, so I am not stressed at all. Yet. Hopefully I'll make great progress and have them done by... Thursday when I go to bed? Not sure if that's reasonable. I always have knit night on Friday in case of an emergency! Here's that sock as of right now:

I hate taking pictures of socks before they're done, they never look like socks until they're completely done and bound off and kitchnered shut! Hopefully tomorrow I will have a picture of... the whole gusset???

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Kelly said...

I am drooling for a canoli right now.....;)