Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Birthday Surprise weekend was a hit!

So this past weekend it was my wonderful fiance's birthday. Last year I took him on a Birthday Surprise Day and I feel like I may have started a tradition. This year I got very excited about taking him to Concord & Lexington as he is VERY into American History, Revolutionary War, etc. I figured it would be a nice day for us, which it was. I also presented him with the half a sock I got done for him. I was really hoping to have the whole pair... but alas, I only had about a legwarmer's worth! They are longer now, but they look like this:

So as I'm getting excited to do the big reveal about where we're going, we're standing in the kitchen and he produces an envelope from his briefcase. This was not your average envelope, this envelope contained TWO TICKETS TO THE CELTICS GAME. This was GAME 2 OF THE FINALS! I almost peed my pants.

So then we got ready, had some breakfast, and were on our way. It was a nice day out, a little warm, but we spent a lot of time in air conditioned places so that was great. One place was The Cheese Shop in downtown Concord. For under $20, we got three delicious cheeses, a bunch of italian deli meat, a big bottle of Pelligrino and a baguette. Picnic lunch! Best cheese was a tossup between the aged cheddar and this 4 year old Gouda...

After that, more history, then onto Lexington where everything was CLOSED. Well, not everything. We actually got to enter each other's worlds for a short time, and I brought DF to his first LYS!! Wild and Wooly in Lexington. I had read mixed reviews online about this store and I have to say, the service was better than what I had expected! As usual, I had to buy SOMETHING... or two somethings. I left with some Araucania sock yarn and a VERY blue Malabrigo. Both for ME which I rarely buy yarn for any more. I want to make a hat with the Malabrigo, but I need the absolute perfect pattern. Any ideas? It looks like Grover.

I also hope you're admiring my pasty white legs. Get out your sunglasses and don't go blind.

After that, a trip to his favorite guitar store which was gorgeous, a nice dinner with friends at a brewery in Waltham. Sunday was family day at our house, quick nap and off to the CELTICS!!!! I could have gone overboard with the team spirit, but I think DF would have left me at the Garden. So I toned it down.

Needless to say, it was the perfect end to a wonderful weekend. Our seats were fantastic, as they always are when this guy gives them to us. The Garden was rocking, the celebs were out, it was totally worth the exhaustion I suffered the next day! Did I mention how good our seats were?

That is Big Papi on the left coming out of the tunnel. And my boyfriend Ray Allen on the right. Yes, I took that picture from my seat!

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