Friday, February 12, 2010


First new thing is a new baby in my life! My friend Kelly had her baby, Beckett this week! I got to meet him last night and he is just gorgeous. Congrats to Kelly and Scott!

Here's me and Beckett :)

Its always so exciting to have a new baby around!

Ok the other new thing is my crazy idea to join the Knitting Olympics! This is different from Ravelympics, which I didn't get around to in time. Knitting Olympics is on the Yarn Harlot's site, the post is here. Cast on during opening ceremonies, finish before closing ceremonies, and the project has to be something that's a challenge for you. I have chosen to knit the Darkwood Cardigan (Rav link). I bought the yarn for this during the summer, printed the pattern, got the needles... just haven't gotten around to knitting it. I think the project itself will be fine, but the challenge will be working on it enough to have it done in 17 days!!!

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Sherando said...

Adorable baby pic! Good luck with the knitting Olympics!