Monday, August 3, 2009

My first love

Other than my husband and family and friends, my first love is animals. A few weeks ago, you can imagine how happy I was to pick these two up to babysit for a few days

You may recognize Cody from earlier posts. We babysit him all the time and he always settles right in. Our new guest was his sister, Roxie. Her usual babysitter was off with Mom and Dad, so we offered to take her. I'm not sure there could be two more different dogs. Cody is mellow, snuggly and obedient. Roxie is spirited and always the first in line for attention or anything that may fall on the floor. We had lots of laughs with these two for three nights and were sad to see them go!

Joey getting in the mix

Best friends

Octavious is safe if he stays in the office

Roxie enjoys sunning herself

We returned them to their Mom and Dad a short few days later, but Cody will be back in just two weeks!! Can't wait!

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