Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm not the only crafty one in the family!

Not having a camera is really killing my blogging! I have so many things to be taking pictures of. Luckily, I ordered a new one and it is on its way!

I do have pictures to share that were taken by someone else, though. Last night I ran the second race of the Good Times Series with my cousin Charlotte. Charlotte has really hopped on the running bandwagon and she's pretty good at it! We enjoy running races. Its fun for us to do together and when there's a lot of people, its a blast. This series has 8 races, each with a different theme.

Last night was Classic TShirt Night. Everyone was encouraged to wear a classic race shirt from the past. Well we didn't have any, so we made our own! Actually, Charlotte made them, me and my creative husband contributed the ideas. Next up, we'll be ruling the world. There were awards for oldest race shirt, shirt from a race the farthest away, most colorful, and best homemade shirt... guess who won that one??

The back said "HIT THE BRICKS"... get it?

Fittingly enough, we won t-shirt frames! I'll be framing this bad boy once those letters are ironed on and it is returned to me.

And... I ran my best 5K time ever! Between that and the tshirts, it was a really exciting night! We're thinking of running next week's race. And the one after that... and the one after that...

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superwoman_4002 said...

wow... looks like a blast!!! :D i have yet to run a 5k... i want to but its the whole running with other people thing... i LOVE running, dont get me wrong... its just different when you're doing it for fun or doing a 5k lol...