Thursday, January 8, 2009

We have a new neighbor

Well, a few months ago, the crazy people who lived next door ended up leaving. There's no need to get into details, but it was a long time coming. We saw couple after couple go in, look at the house, go out... nothing happened. It seems like someone is getting ready to move in, or so we thought! The other day, Erm and I were enjoying our morning coffee, and he looked over and saw that the blinds in the bedroom were moving. We figured the new owners were in there doing stuff, but then we noticed that there was no car in the driveway. As avid Ghost Hunter fans, our first thought was that the house was haunted. So we watched again, and the blinds moved again and I realized... no ghost. It was this guy:
I said "Oh... its just a mouse". Erm then told me that that was no mouse! And I took a closer look:

That is a SQUIRREL, living in the house next door! He goes from window to window, looking outside and laughing at all his cold little squirrel friends. He's actually huge and looks like he is having no problem finding food. I'm sure that house smells awesome.

I'm wondering if I should bring him a pecan pie or something?

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Kelly said...

Omigod that is wicked funny!! Yikes!! Imagine when people actually do move in?? That will be a nice surprise!