Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Renewed interest

First of all, I have to mention that my last night out, fling before the ring, last hurrah, Bachelorette Party was this weekend! I knew when it was, but nothing else... and it could not have been more perfect! My bridesmaids and a bunch of my friends gathered in our hotel room, we went out for Mexican food (my favorite), and headed off to Limelight, a karaoke bar in Boston where you can rent your own private room, and there is also a public stage. We infiltrated both public and private stages, and no you can't see pictures. Lets just say it was exactly what I wanted for my bachelorette party and I had a blast. I came home tired and very ready to settle down and get married!

So the renewed interest isn't in my wild bachelorette ways, it has to do with Joey and his Kitty Pi. Awhile ago, I knit the Kitty Pi for my cats because I wanted to try some new things, meaning knitting in the round and felting. The Pi did not come out as I planned, it is supposed to look like a cat bed you can buy at Petco or something. The edges of mine just flop in. But, I put some catnip in it and Joey jumped right in... for about a day. Since then the poor Pi has been neglected in the corner of the couch. Until this week for some reason, every time I walk in the office, this is what I see:

I'm not sure what happened? Maybe because its cold and the Pi keeps him warm with its felty goodness? Maybe because Octavious is normal now and has staked claim over both couches? I'm not really sure, but knitters out there know... whether human, canine, or feline, if your FOs are appreciated and used, success! So, this makes me very very happy. I may actually make one for Octavious, since I really need new projects now. Like a hole in the head.

I also think I need a dog or something more normal to take so many pictures of. I'm turning into a crazy cat lady.

I also do NOT HAVE MY TREE YET and its driving me CRAZY!!! This may be the latest I have ever had a tree in my whole life. Luckily, this has not dampened my Christmas spirit, it is out in full effect! I decorated my mantle last week, and while it may be my least favorite of all my mantles, its certainly cheery. I hope that everyone is enjoying this holiday season!!!

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