Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Finally... knitting!

Poking through my last few blog posts... how boring! Well, except for Baby Alex's arrival, that was pretty exciting :) Speaking of Alex, I finally have a picture of a FO to show! This took me a long time, but its finally done! This is my gift to Baby Alex, the Heritage Blanket (Ravelry Link) by Oat Couture. I used Berrocco Comfort in a lavender, since Alex's room is all purples and lavenders. When I was done, I washed and dried it, (all by machine!) and it became even SOFTER! I may need to make myself some kind of blanket with Comfort! Anyway, here are pics! The real color is somewhere in between the colors in these pictures. I took them from far away and also a couple of closeups to get the detail of the blankie.

We will now return to our regularly schedule boring posts...

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