Thursday, October 15, 2009

Big hiatus = big post

I'm very into talking in equations today.
I can't believe its been almost two months since I posted! But, I've been quite busy. Here it is, in a nutshell.
I went to Italy with my husband and his family, to see his family. His Dad moved here from Italy to marry his mom, and all the aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmother, etc are still over there. The family farm is still working! We went to Rome for a couple of days, then headed out to the country where we ate and ate and ate and ate. I also worked on the farm one day, pureeing tomatoes for sauce that was sold at the market the next day. It was a really cool trip. I loved Rome, but it was a great experience to be out in the country where the "real" Italians live. Here are some pics:

Me and Erm at the Fountain of Trevi

One of many statue people in Rome

St. Peter's Basilica

View from our hotel room in the country
Italian Family :)

Me and my father-in-law, getting the tomatoes ready

The open market

Me & Erm at the Amalfi Coast

Making friends at the horse farm

Cappucino... only 1 Euro!

I have hundreds of pictures! It was a great trip. I feel so lucky and blessed to have gone to Europe twice in the past year, and now we've caught the travel bug. But no more big trips on the horizon!

I also celebrated my 31st birthday, which I don't have any pictures of. I was spoiled this year. I was taken out to dinner by friends, Erm took me to a French restaurant the night of my birthday and then to Salem, MA the next day (which I've been wanting to do for awhile!). While in Salem I went to Seed Stitch Fine Yarn which is a MUST if you are ever in the area. The owner helped me patiently while I deliberated over yarn and a pattern, and they have a great selection!

We also went to Block Island with friends and rented a house for a couple of nights.

A pretty view from driving around the island

The girls

The guys (I feel like Cat Deely)

Me and Erm before leaving the house

I also have had more time to knit lately, believe it or not. In September I went to Fawn's baby shower and was able to give her this adorable sweater:

I completely forgot to take a good picture, so this was on my lap, in the car, outside the shower

Pattern: Super-Natural Stripes, courtesy of f.pea (f.pea is Fawn Pea... how perfect is that?)

Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton, 1 ball each: Sand, Sky, and Expresso

Mods: None.

I could be having a gauge problem. Once again, this sweater came out very small. It may fit the baby when he's first born, but I don't think it will fit him for long. I think I'm going to start using a larger needle or knitting the next size up for baby things. Until I figure it out, I'll stick to baby blankets :)

And that's it... for now. I have many things on the needles, a poncho patiently waiting to be blocked, and new yarn waiting to be cast on. I am running the Lowell Sun Half Marathon tomorrow and its supposed to be 45 and rainy!!! Please pray for a dry day in Lowell tomorrow!!!

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